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We formed 888 Co-operative Causeway to establish a hub of people committed to building a better Victoria through cooperation. The 888 Causeway Co-working Space is an intimate office in the heart of the CBD. We’re currently opening our doors to new members. We welcome people (and small organisations/enterprises) who are interested in co-operatives, mutuals and member-based organisations (including social enterprise) and beyond.

About the 888 Co-working space

888 Causeway is used as a quiet casual working space by our members, and as a meeting space for small groups. On a daily basis, members will drop in for a few hours of work here and there. It’s not intended as a full-time office.

Typically our members are small social-focused enterprises or part-time freelancers who appreciate a CBD address – where they can get some work done and meet with other members for mutual benefit.

Members can access the 888 Causeway network for their own small workshops and after-hours events.

Members also get the full benefit of a corporate membership of the Kelvin Club – where they can hold meetings with clients and book larger rooms for seminars and events through the co-operative. As 888 Co-operative Causeway, we organise events and learning circles where we gather experts around emerging issues in the Australian social economy.

To be considered, each individual must become a member of the 888 Causeway Co-op – it’s $20 for your two member shares (once off) plus $60 per year for member subscription ($40 per year for regional members). If your membership is not processed all money paid is refundable. After membership is approved, it’s $1250 to secure a space for six months – paid semi-annually at beginning of each half year. For regional members, we reduce that to $625 per six months to reflect the fact that our rural members are likely to use our space less frequently. Compare this to other similar options in the CBD!

If you are interested in joining our 888 Causeway Co-op, please leave your name, email and mobile and we will get in touch to make an appointment to show you around our space… 

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