We are creating a network of co-operators

About 888 Causeway

888 Co-operative Causeway is the first registered co-operative co-working space in Victoria.

Located in the 1920s, palazzo-style Causeway House (formerly the Union Bank Building) in the Melbourne CBD, our co-working space has wifi, kitchenette, toilet and printing and is a short walk from trams, trains and buses.

Our founding members are all individuals and organisations that support the development of co-operative and community enterprise.

As members, we work together and pool resources in the co-op to get the following benefits:

  • Access to co-working space in the heart of the Melbourne CBD at the best price
  • Access to the Kelvin Club through the co-op’s corporate membership
  • Being part of and strengthening a community of likeminded individuals and organisations
  • Access to regular events on topics of interest to members at member rates

All members have 1 vote at general meetings, the opportunity to stand for election to the board, and a say on the strategy and development of the co-op.


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Why 888?

We’ve aligned our work and vision with a symbol that inspires us. 888 reflects the aspirations and achievements of the historical 8-hour day workers’ movement in Australia. Workers agitated in Melbourne in 1856 for a working day divided equally into labour, recreation and rest. It was a leading step in worker activism as part of an international movement. We seek to honour them by working co-operatively and via community initiatives that support democracy, equity, solidarity and the dignity of labour.