888 Causeway Mission

Building a network to collaboratively build a better Victoria

About 888 Co-operative Causeway

888 Co-operative Causeway provides an affordable, member-run co-working space for small businesses and organisations in the social economy. Formed in 2018, we are the first registered co-operative co-working space in Victoria.

We are located in the Causeway Building in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Alongside co-working we organise a range of events and publish a podcast focused on co-operative and broader social economy topics.

Our values and principles

888 Co-operative Causeway is guided by the international co-operative values and principles. 


The co-operative is governed by a Board of Directors, currently consisting of five member-directors.

  • Antony McMullen – Co-operative Bonds (Chair)
  • Sonja Schulze
  • Clare Fountain – Sorted (Secretary)
  • Andrew Fleming – CSHITBV
  • Armin Honarasa – PrimaPerfect


The co-operative welcomes the support and leadership of its three patrons:

  • Basil Varghese
  • Margaret Feeney
  • Georgina de Beajeu

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