The National Union of Workers is offering to sponsor a place in the 888 Co-operative Causeway co-working space in Melbourne. The sponsorship will be for a Victorian resident who is either engaged or interested in:

  • Future of co-operative work – building co-operative alternatives to improve the working lives of people in our community

If you would like to apply for the bursary, giving you access to a quiet co-working space from now until 31 March 2019, please send us a message by clicking through to our contact form and leaving some details about your interest in co-operatives. Also please provide two character references to vouch for your co-operative nature! The Board will decide on the best application. Please note that applications close on the 19th of October.

Your message to should be marked “NUW Bursary” for the attention ofAntony McMullen, Chair 888 Causeway Co-operative