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Post Growth Entrepreneurship with Dr. Melanie Rieback

Kelvin Club 30 Melbourne Pl, Melbourne

Post Growth Entrepreneurship (PGE), as defined by the Post Growth Entrepreneurship Workshop, reframes business as a form of activism, art, spirituality, and creative expression. This model embraces flat growth curves and rejects the traditional need for investors, scaling, and exits, questioning conventional entrepreneurial wisdom and re-envisioning business as a vehicle for pure positive impact.

A bit of 888 Christmas Cheer

Kelvin Club 30 Melbourne Pl, Melbourne

Hear ye, hear ye! In the year of our Lord 1856, the valiant 8 hours movement didst commence in the noble lands of Victoria. The gallant Eight Hours League did champion the cause of an eight-hour day: eight hours for labour, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for pursuits of recreation and enlightenment. In […]

Free – $10

Exploring the Social Economy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Social economy, solidarity economy, co-operatives, social enterprises, mutuals ... what does it all mean and how does it get us to a more eqitable, sustainable ... humane economy? What are the real challenges - the pros and the cons?  Join us for an evening of facilitated dialogue and enlightening conversations, hosted by the 888 Co-operative […]

Free – $25