Turning the tables on Basil

Basil’s Table is an interview series conducted by Basil Varghese, a well-known Melbourne- based community builder and advocate for social justice, who has long been committed to ‘bridging the gap between those that have and have not’. As a Patron of 888 Co-operative...

Basil’s Table: Cooperation in a minor key with Dan Musil

People may know Dan Musil as a musician, or for our purposes an inspiring but interestingly low-key co-operative leader. Come along and find out what drives this social and solidarity economy co-operator, as he articulates a compelling vision for the future. Learn about Earthworker, a group of worker-owned co-operatives operating in the Latrobe Valley and In Melbourne that are involved in everything from manufacturing hot water tanks to providing cleaning services.

Cooperating our way out of crises with Melina Morrison

Cooperating our way out of crises with Melina Morrison

888 is pleased to present the second Basil’s Table event, which will be held virtually.  Australians are living in a time of uncertainty post bushfires, and now during a pandemic. Can we look to each other for mutual support in these uncertain times? Basil Varghese, a...